Give the gift of fresh fruit. A welcome treat for any occasion!
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History & Donations

Jasper Giardina
As long as my Dad lived, he always gave the gift of fruit to those that he loved and cared for
...For him it had a special meaning

 When customers would call upon my dad to express that same feeling to those they wanted to send a gift to, He took great pride in his craft.

Dedicated to the fulfillment of purchasing a product for any occasion, at any time of the year!  By paying full attention to details in the making of the baskets,from the time orders were taken to when the baskets were delivered.  As a child born into the business I embraced the same concept ideals, and devotion to service and details as my dad did. 
I intend to continue to run it as I was taught by my father.

My family and I would like to thank all his loyal customers and friends who have been with us for over 54 years and hope you will call upon me and my family and give us the chance to serve you in the future as the need arrives
So...... Whats gonna happen to all them RADIOS?

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January 11, 2014
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Since we are a gift basket business, it is only natural that we get requests for donation baskets on a regular basis. Therefore, Jaspers Tropical Gift Fruit Baskets has implemented a special program for donation requests. As much as we would like to honor all of these requests, it is just not possible. This program will best serve those organizations requesting donations as well as our needs. Since we are limited in the number of donations we are able to fulfill each year, we have established the following guidelines to better serve the needs of our community.

50/50 Donation Program

The Fruit Basket available for donation is the ALL FRUIT ASSORTMENT

  • The 50/50 program is open to non-profit, not for profit and educational institutions.

  • The purpose of the gift basket must be for use as a fundraiser, with the proceeds going directly to a specific organization.

  • Jaspers will match your dollar amount for the basket you would like to have for your event or fundraiser. In other words, if your organization is willing to put $50 into a gift basket, we will match that amount and design a basket worth $100.

  • Jaspers will only consider ONE request for ONE basket for a calendar year per organization.

  • Jaspers  requires a minimum of 3 weeks time prior to your event to ensure prompt delivery. (Four weeks during major holiday seasons.)

  • Your organization will be responsible for picking up the basket from us in time for your event. THIS IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR THE GREATER ST. LOUIS AREA, CALL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS

    After reading and understanding the above, please complete the order and then send a copy of your 501c3 TODAY! We must have this form in order to make your request valid! If you have any questions please contact Alisa at